Veterinarian Services for Pets in Flagstaff

Is This An Emergency?

Call us at (928) 522-6008 or click to learn more about our emergency services.

In-Home Vet Services

Large and small animal exams can be done in the familiar surroundings of your home and barn. Learn more about our ambulatory vet services for small and large animals today.

Continental Animal Wellness Center serves both large and small animals conveniently in one location. As the area’s leader in veterinary wellness, we practice top of the line medicine and diagnostics with a focus on excellence in care and service.

Puppy Package

Everything you need to give the newest member of your family a healthy start in life.

Kitten Package

Everything you need to give you new kitten a healthy start in life.

Routine Preventative Care

Parasite prevention, current vaccination protocols, and complete puppy/kitten and dental care packages offered.

Wellness/Sick Pet Exams

Our skilled veterinarians will figure out what is wrong and get your pet back to their best in no time!

Behavior Consultations

Extended exams to address both your pet’s medical and behavioral health concerns.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Unique to Flagstaff, we have a state-of-the-art VetScalpel surgical laser that we use to help provide superior surgical outcomes and minimize pain and bleeding for our patients.

Orthopedic Surgery

Surgical suite equipped with both a CO2 laser and electrocautery to minimize surgical bleeding and decrease pain.

Digital Radiology

Digital images for both full body and dental films. Board Certified Radiologist available to read films remotely.

Oncology Care

We offer a range of chemotherapy options for your dog or cat.


In-clinic laboratory, outside reference laboratory, digital x-ray, ultrasounds.

End of Life

Caring and compassionate relief of suffering either at home or in our office.

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Dog & Cat Dental Care

Call us at (928) 522-6008 or click to learn more about our pet dental care.

Veterinary Care for Small Ruminants

Whether you keep an adorable little herd of goats or sheep, annual care is crucial to provide them with a good quality of life. This includes veterinary examinations, vaccinations, and deworming. Learn more about our vet services for small ruminants today.