Reproduction Services For Dogs & Cats

Kittens with mom

Continental Animal Wellness Center provides limited reproductive services for dogs/cats including:

  • Semen Collection
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Progesterone timing
  • Brucella testing
  • Pregnancy confirmation using ultrasound
  • Timed Cesarian Sections
  • Estimated litter size using radiographs
  • Neonatal Care

Breed Services

Interested in breeding your dog or cat? We would love to talk with you about proper health clearances that your pet should have prior to breeding in order to make sure your pet is healthy and is going to pass on good genetics to the next generation. We recommend that a consultation be scheduled prior to your pet coming in to heat in order to have plenty of time to acquire the proper health clearances and develop a plan for breeding. We follow recommendations made by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and CHIC for health clearances. You can find the recommended health clearances by breed at

We require that all breeding dogs have a Brucella test at least annually in order to collect semen or perform AI services. Ideally, a dog should have a negative Brucella test prior to each heat that the dog will be bred. We also require that breeding animals be up to date on vaccinations prior to breeding.

Did you know that the normal gestation length for a dog and cat is about 63 days? Progesterone timing prior to breeding is very important to pinpoint an ovulation date. This information is invaluable if your pet should require a cesarian section in order to make sure the neonates are at full gestation and have the best chance of survival.