Pet Euthanasia & End of Life Services in Flagstaff

Pets are beloved members of our families, and no one wants to see them suffering at the end of their life. As pets age, they become more susceptible to developing severe health issues. Unfortunately, some of these health issues cannot be cured and are detrimental to our pet’s quality of life. It is often the most compassionate decision to pursue end-of-life services from your local veterinarian in these unfortunate circumstances. End-of-life services provided by veterinarians offer a humane way to ease your pet’s suffering by administering medications and comforting your pet in its passing. Euthanasia provides a pain-free death for your pet and peace of mind for the owner that your loved pet is no longer suffering.

4 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Pet

Saying goodbye to your pet companion is a difficult thing to do. Still, it is important to provide comfort and compassion to your pet and help with the grieving process by assuring owners that their companion felt loved and cared for and had a good life. If your pet is suffering due to a terminal illness and can no longer enjoy the same quality of life it once had, it may be time to make the difficult decision to request end-of-life services. Deciding to put your pet down is still hard, and even when it is clear that they are suffering, it can be challenging to come to terms with the decision. Many people look for ways they can make the process easier.

If you are faced with the decision to put down your pet, it can be helpful to plan a special way to say goodbye to them. Many people plan to give their pets one last special day to remember them by. Here are some ideas on how to make a special day for your pet:

  • Take your pet to its favorite parks.
  • Spend time doing your pet’s favorite activities.
  • Let them eat as many treats as they want.
  • Any other activity that allows you to spend as much time together as possible like playing fetch, swimming, or going for a car ride with the windows down.

A last big day will bring comfort to your pet and reassure them that they are loved. It can also help decide to pursue end-of-life services a little easier and help in the grieving process by giving owners the peace of mind that they gave their pets the best life– full of love and compassion.

Many owners find it cathartic to have a memorial ceremony for their companion(s) after they have passed away. They invite friends and family to share stories and say goodbye one last time.

CAWC Pet Euthanasia Services

When it comes to end-of-life care, veterinarians typically provide two types of services. The first is hospice care, and the second is humane euthanasia. If your pet is diagnosed with a terminal illness, you will work closely with your veterinarian to develop a treatment plan to ease your pet’s pain and keep it as comfortable as possible while still maintaining a good quality of life. Veterinary hospice care allows your pet to continue to live at home. In many instances, as long as your pet has maintained an acceptable quality of life, your pet can remain on hospice care until it is time to proceed with humane euthanasia.

If an acceptable quality of life cannot be maintained through hospice care, your veterinarian may recommend euthanasia. Euthanasia services can be performed at the clinic or at home and assure a painless way to end your pet’s suffering. When performing euthanasia, your veterinarian injects a medication that painlessly renders your pet unconscious before shutting down its heart and brain functions. This ensures that your pet experiences nothing besides the sensation of peacefully falling asleep.

There are several options for aftercare after your pet has been euthanized. You may elect for a home burial in which you will keep your pet’s body with you after euthanasia. If you would like to have your pet cremated after euthanasia, we will work with Ponderosa Pet Crematory in the different cremation options available. Please discuss with the team at Continental Animal Wellness Center the different options and what you would like for your beloved pet.

FAQs About Pet Deaths

How Do You Say Your Last Goodbye to a Pet Companion?

Saying goodbye to your loved companion is never easy. Treat your pet to a special day to make it easier and give you and your pet one last cherished memory together. Go to your pet’s favorite park or spend an afternoon doing your pet’s favorite activities, let them eat all of the treats that they want, and spend as much time together as possible. This will comfort your pet companion and let them know that they are loved. When the day comes to put them down, be with them as much as possible and comfort them through the procedure.

Why is Saying Goodbye to a Pet So Hard?

Our pets become beloved members of our families. We fall in love with their quirks and personalities. This special bond that forms can make it hard to say goodbye to your pet when you’ve made the difficult decision of having them put down, but a proper goodbye– as difficult as it may be– will help with the grieving process.

How Do You Know When to Say Goodbye to a Pet?

Saying goodbye to a loved pet is very hard and uncomfortable. It’s not uncommon for owners to try and put it off. Often the reality of your pet’s declining quality of life will be an indicator that you may need to think about saying goodbye and attempting to ease any suffering your pet may be experiencing.

What Does the Veterinarian Do After Putting a Pet to Sleep?

After your pet is put to sleep, the veterinarian will help clean up your pet and reposition them into a more natural position as if they were curled up sleeping. This makes transporting your pet’s remains for the next step easier. Depending on your wishes, vet’s services, and city regulations, your pet’s remains may be cremated, taken to a pet cemetery, or released to you for home burial. Please discuss the options available with our team.

Is Being Euthanized Painful for my Pet?

Being euthanized is painless for your pet. The medication used for euthanizing pets offers pain relief and quickly renders your pet unconscious, so it feels like they are falling asleep.

Is your pet in need of end of life services?

Are you unsure if your pet is ready for Euthanasia? We understand that this is a tough decision to make without the assistance of a veterinarian professional. That’s why we are here to help! Reach out today to book an appointment with Continental Animal Wellness Center. We can meet your companion and help you make the right decision.

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